Alexander Mudrow - the story of his life

Punctuality has always been a big matter in my life (and not only at the beginning of this sentence...). I saw the light of day just in time at 6am on the 31st of october in 1979; this light actually belonged to a hospital of the wonderful town Heidelberg in Germany. After my delivery I needed some years, to figure out, that my birthday matches exactly with Halloween. Still I want to affirm, that against some rumour my skull does not look like a pumpkin and I'm really no ghost.
From the beginning (and I am talking about the time inside the belly...) my mother took care of regular musical entertainment. This is probably the reason, why I produced my first MC in the tender age of two. In those days CDs didn't exist and I had to help myself with a simple music cassette. During that time I just lived for the moment and my basic interest confined to sleep, food and music(*).

The following years I visited the kindergarden, primary school and finally highschool. My musical career began in those institutions with playing the chime in the musical education for the young-aged, private lessons in playing the electronic organ, keybord, piano, guitar and singing. I became more experienced during my work with several rock- and jazzbands, as an actor in the theatre, as a pianist, singer, musical leader and sound engineer on several stages in the Rhein-Neckar-region.

After my final exam I worked in the civilian service. That included beside the nursing of disabled and elderly people as well as of disabled and problem children also the creation of a new band - a christmas band that even inspired Santa Claus to swing.

The so far followed path of life leaded me (of course) directly to the study of physics. What else?
Unfortunately I had to realize, that these new studies definitely disturbed the creative part of my personality and my musical growth. That's why I finally quit this scientific pathway and dedicated myself completely to music, food and sleep.
In the end my life has come full circle again (see * above) - only the priorities are exchanged in compare to the beginning.

On my travel through the musical world I faced the most different tasks and people: A choir of kids and youngsters in an orphanage, the leading role in an amateurish theatre, my own very likable gospel-choir, several small singing-ensembles, working together with several small and grown up stars...
By the way: you will find information about my newest projects in the category "projects".

Music is the center of my life and this life style seems to be a permanent balance. One side of the balance is made of creativity combined with musical and artistic sensitivity. The other side consists of interessting marketing- and active leading-aspects of the Alexander Mudrow-Enterprise. My job is eventfull and interesting. It is very fulfilling for me as a person as it demands several varied talents especially optimism, motivation and sensitivity.

I'm looking forward to the continuation of this life story!

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